Touch-Up Paint for Herman Miller Aeron + Ergonomic Spray Gun

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In this package we include not only our industry-leading touchup paint, but also our extremely unique ergonomic spray can dispenser to provide unprecedented control for effortless, pain-free touching up of your Herman Miller chairs. No special equipment necessary. The patented spray can dispenser easily snaps onto our cans of touch-up paint and has proven to improve the quality of touch-up jobs due to increased precision and surface coverage, as well as alleviate the finger pain that often results from extensive use of spray cans. 

Each 12oz spray can of touch-up paint for Herman Miller Aeron and Mirra chairs is specially formulated to remove scratches and scuffs that come from normal wear and tear. Apply a small spray of paint to the damaged area, wait five minutes for it to dry, and the paint amazingly blends in to the factory finish to make the chair look brand new.

We use this exact product in our repair facility to touch up thousands of Aerons each year that customers bring in for detailing. As a result, we have fine-tuned the formula to perfectly match the graphite finish of the Aeron. The spray is designed to remove scratches and damages from both the seat and back's metal base and composite frame.
For our clients who are Herman Miller dealers and repairmen, we also offer touch-up paint by the case.

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