Herman Miller Chairs



Herman Miller Aeron - Winner of Businessweek's prestigious Design of the Decade award, over the years the Aeron chair has gained a reputation of being the ultimate office chair. Complete with pneumatic height adjustments and tension control, the Aeron's ergonomic design offers the ultimate support for your body, while its breathable mesh upholstery keeps you light in your chair.  Additionally, with the option to include adjustable arms or to go armless, add lumbar support or PostureFit, choose your color or upgrade to a polished executive base, the possibilities are endless when it comes to finding the perfect Aeron for your office.


Herman Miller Mirra - With its sleek design and high performance ability, the Mirra is not only one of the most highly adjustable chairs on the market, but arguably the top all-around ergonomic chair available. Introduced by Herman Miller after the Aeron chair, the Mirra boasts a new wave of innovations. The frameless perforated polymer backrest creates geometric shapes to provide the right balance of ergonomic support and flexibility, while the AirWeave suspension seat helps diminish heat and distribute body weight evenly. Additionally, the built-in passive PostureFit keeps you excellently supported and properly aligned.


Herman Miller Sayl - Inspired by the engineering of suspension bridges, the Sayl's frameless design offers full-body mobility. The suspension material keeps your body cool, while offering a full range of motion and the eco-friendly materials cause little environmental impact.


Herman Miller Cella - The easily adjustable Cella is designed to offer an adaptable and comfortable experience. Its ability to easily disassemble allows for simple transportation and adaptability, and its 98% recyclable materials make it the ultimate eco-friendly office chair.


Aeron Conference Chair - Offering the same breathable ergonomic design as the Aeron desk chair with wheels, the conference chair is perfect for any desk or conference room. These sleek and highly ergonomic yet modestly-priced chairs allow you to furnish your office with the full Herman Miller look and feel, without breaking the bank.


Aeron Drafting Stool - Consistent with the Aeron office chair, the drafting stool offers the same support and flexibility as the Aeron, with added height to fit perfectly at your drafting table. Ranging from approximately 21-31 inches high, the drafting stool's adjustable arms and lumbar pad give you the best support that the Aeron has to offer.